Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Outdoor Kids: Falsterbo Beach

The girls wanted us to go and walk along a beach, so we ended up in Falsterbo, no doubt one of the more prominent and wealthier neighboorhoods of our long country. A lot of retired people out with their well behaved dogs, the odd runner, couples discussing their marriages and the odd seagull. A bit of a wind, not the warmest of days, but it became more of a two hour session where the girls really enjoyed playing whilst I cooked their normal tortellini with prossiutto for them. As always, no matter what, a needed time outdoors, some filming and photography, but most of all, I was just tired. Demanding times are coming up! I know from before, when editing starts full time, it is, and I am quoting a female friend who said it, she is a film maker, it is like having a child. Exciting and tough at the same time, with mood swings every hour. Since i am on a diet getting in shape for three things of big importance coming up, I bought some vegan spread, what a disaster. Nu taste at all. Just like a lump of colored fat. Sometimes, you wonder….how to change people from not eating meat, with stuff like this….AH, the girls had an extra day off, so we went to the aqarium, their favorite.

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