Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Outdoor Kids: Brösarps Backar

Brösarps backar. When we left for this reserve, we expected something different. It was heralded online as special. So far, most parks, reserves and places of interest in the county of Skåne had been good. Brösraps backar (Brösarps Hills) was, just, hills really. Undulating hills. Like one expects parts of Skåne to be according to rumour. The girls found it, not that extraordinary. Maybe because they were tired after another week of school. A week of homework football training, dancing and generally rainy weather. That said, it didn´t take long until they started their games again, role playing. A joy to see, especially their laughter. My highlight on our excursions, this time, was a 5 km walk. Which according to my Suunto Ambit 3 was near 6.5 km. Our normal before lunch walk. This time, as always, fresh pasta tortellini. Next to a small stream. The fresh air, being outdoors, it makes me alive again. Best of all, the girls palying wihout Ipads and toys. Just with sticks and whatever is around. The two hours in a car is however, part of their joy too. Music from the commercial station NRJ. A station who is sponsored by betting agencys with the worst commercials ever. Shameful. Ah, another day out with the girls. We came back after 8 hours out, knackered, but I had to do the tacos as the girls wanted. Netto had sold us mouldy bread again.

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