Stockholm 2010: Skeleton Coast?

Stockholm. 2010. A pregnant Pam and me return to Stockholm from Turkey with almost nothing in our pockets. One day before leaving Antalya a family member on my dad´s side, says he has a two room flat for us to rent. Turns out it is a flat with the best view on earth. In a great area. I also know it is a 20 year queing line in Stockholm. Almost unreal. First night we put out our foam pads in a empty flat. Next day we go to IKEA. On borrowed money we get a sofa, chairs and a kitchen table.. We couldn´t have survived without great friends. Like Anders Wennersten who give us furniture. Folke U Persson gives us a giant bed. In two days we have what looks like a home. Two months later, Eva arrives to the world and Pam gets Swedish citizenship. At the same time I get an offer to lead an Expedition to the Skeleton Coast. I go to the UK to meet the participants and say yes. I start a hard training. Carrying 30 kg in a backpack, pushing Eva in a pram for hours every day around a beautiful Stockholm. After a few months, I realize I won´t be able to leave Pam and Eva. I ask Johan Ivarsson, my old Siberian partner, to stand in for me, he says yes. The Skeleton Coast walk ends up being a success. Pam and me start planning to return, with Eva, to Yemen. But first we move to Malmö.

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