Explorer Mikael Strandberg

2011: Malmö and Yemen

Malmö 2011. Through the great network of friends, we managed to find a flat near the center. 4 rooms. It felt like a mosque inside. Two rooms were free of furniture. The rent double to what we were used too from Stockholm. I was a home dad and Pam continued her academic career in Lund. We instantly liked Malmö because it was a mix of people and cultures. But my pappapeng (dads money from the goverment) was little. So I spent a lot of the days roaming cheap markets and stores for food deals. Diet wasn´t that healthy.
But we knew both, that in order to have any kind of a bright future, we needed to come up with good projects. And we wanted to return to Yemen. We both got through with our projects. Me with SVT and Pam with her university. So we packed our things again, bundled up Eva who had taken her first steps and we flew to Dubai. Even though we had a visa, we got refused entry into Yemen. But at the airport our old Arabic teacher Sabri turned up with his new wife. And with passion, he managed to talk authorities into allowing us to fly to Sanaa. We got our act together, Eva saw her first mortar fire and I walked with a camel from Zabid to Sanaa. And Pam did her paper on the Tower homes of Sanaa. And got yet another distinguished grade. Yemen changed our lives again.

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