Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Cappadocia 2010, Figuring Life Out

2010. In January, Pam and me were caught in limbo. Should we stay in the US or not. We were staying with an old buddy of mine, Marc Freedman, in Williamstown. He was doing his best to help us figure things out. Then. An invitation to return and lecture in Oman appeared from the blue. And another invitation to lecture and travel in Cappadocia helped us to make our minds up. The future was over there. Sweden the best place to bring up a child and have a family. On our stop in Muscat, we also met Salim and Nasr to see if our great camle journey was still a possibility. It didn´t feel impossible. Local media were helping us. The hope was that the Royal Family would help us all. We are still waiting for an answer today. From Oman we passed Abu Dhabi on route to Ankara. And another of my great friends helping us to survive. The war correspondent Dogan Tilic. We stayed a month with Dogan and his family. When we traveled to Cappadocia we were treated as celebrities. Media interviews and some kind of an un-official ambassadorship for the region. Hard to believe. And travelling around one of the most spectacular regions on earth, a privilige. Our time ended at a conference in Cappadocia as a travel expert. When we left Turkey, we had hardly any money and nowhere to live in Sweden. Our child was due in a few months.

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