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Yoga. Yesterday I went to have my first yoga lesson. Why?
It is two months since my achilles tendonitis hit me. I thought I would shake it off in a week. Not a chance. Age comes in. So I started doing research into aging and training. Recovery and prevention is more important than ever. Yoga turned up as an alternative to get the recovery process right. But I have been somewhat weary.
This is due to the fact that back in 1980 I spent a year in India, Nepal and a few other countries in the region. I took buses from India back to Sweden. This was a time when Rishikesh and other places dominated travel for quite a few travellers. I tried Ashram, buddism, but avoided all the weed and hashish that was abundent everywhere. Not my style at all. Neither to dress in colorful clothes and carrying woven colorful bags. All this made me take a dislike to yoga and such -as I saw it- nonsense stuff!
Since then, yoga have become part of the Western health business. It is recommended for flexibility, strength and body-mind awerness. So yesterday I brought my body and awarness to a yoga place. I immediately relized things has changed these last 40 years! Great teacher, it all felt needed and very good. I don´t like groups, so it was a one on one. We agreed for a soft version, performed 3-4 times a week around 15-30 minutes.
On top of that, I am ready to start running again. And will do my first running test this week. See how the achilles is!
People ask me about the diet. It has taken these 12 weeks since I began to adjust my body and needs. I have lost 5 kg:s, which is way more than we planned. We planned half a kilo a month. And I have already reached what I think is my best weight, 70 kg:s. So adjustments needed. I have felt on and off weak. Also due to infections and hitting the wall. A bit. Now forward!

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