Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Winter Solstice 2019, the light is coming back!

Finally winter solstice!
The darkness is hard on me. I know. I should have chosen a different “career”. But November and December have always been difficult. To celebrate the shortest day of the year, we choose to go to Ale Stenar. (Ales Stones). This mystical early iron-age monument. No one knows who erected this megalithic monument around 1,400 years ago, or why. We arrived when people left in the last light. A para glider gave us a sense of limitless freedom. The girls had brought ginger biscuits, such a Swedish Christmas thing. They looked happy. Pam looked happy. I started to smile again.
Before total darkness arrived, we climbed down a steep hill. It took us down to a small track following the Baltic Sea. All the way to Kåseberga Fisk (A fish smokery). One of my favorite places in the state of Skåne! I found an expensive piece of mountain char, smoked to perfection. Over 80 dollars a kg. We bought herring, eel and eggs from a local farmer. Privileged indeed. A great start of the new, lighter part of yet another year! 

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