Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Skrylle Nature Reserve

Skrylle. A small nature reserve outside the University town of Lund. I specifically mention the academic fact. Because when the girls and me arrived at the reserve, it was full. Of academis and their child I would say. So many one child families. Which for me means a lot of unruly, selfish and over energetic kids pushing their way to get first in the line. And when their parents see this, they try to explain as academics in an overaged way what the kids should not do. Time consuming.
Ah, Skrylle Nature Reserve. Sorry. I got carried away. One of our last reserves to visit in Skåne. It was similair to Torup, one of my personal favorites. It had an outdoor (and indoor) gym, playparks for the kids (great), a restaurant, a big parking lot and forest. Though not beech forest, pine and birch.
We arrived at three. And as usual, 30 minutes later, everyone suddenly disappeared from the forest. Like on a schedule, time to get home and prepare for Monday. So me and the girls choose a 3 km walk which took us through mud, open fields, some beech forest, but lots of pine and birch. We didn´t meet one singel person. Heavenily peaceful. It was overcast and a bit wet, but going outdoors is never a mistake. As usual the girls wanted to get back home to their IPAD´s initially. But after a kilometer, they wanted to stay in the forest.
We came back in the darkness. Refreshed. Raedy to go and do the weekly shopping at some hypermarket. Skrylle is nice due to its close location to a bigger town. But it ain´t my first choice when it comes to recommended forest and nature reserves in Skåne. But could be good for filming a series about kids outdoors!
See www.skrylle.se for info on the nature reserve.

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