Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Press Conferences

“Do you do press conference anymore? And will there by one when you release your Greenland film?”
I recieved this question the other day. Honestly, I don´t think I would be to convinced one single journalist to come to such an event! The first press conference I had back in 1996 drew a big crowd at Ridderholmen Island in Stockholm. It was before the Patagonian journey. The second one a few years later drew…three. The Siberian one was overcrowded! Both in Sweden and in Moscow. The last, and I mean most likely the last ever, drew a good amount. But it was organized by Bolot and Egor Makarov in Yakutsk. I was better dressed than ever! This was before the journey by reindeer through Yakutia, North to South, which went under the name, Frozen Frontier. For which we won the Golden Goggles at the Yakutsk Film Festival 2016. Which I enjoyed as much as the journey itself!

So for the Greenland film, see the trailer here at

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