Minna Ericsson

Annual Meeting AT The Explorers Club

I am heading back home from the capital. On the wobbly and fast X2000 train. I am looking out the window and enjoying the landscape zooming by. 5 enjoyable hours where I can read real paper newspapers. Not on the IPAD or Iphone. But real paper. What a joy! Whilst enjoying a simple breakfast. Life is ood. Thanks to Sofie for looking after the girls! Giving me a chance to take part in the annual meeting of the Swedish Chapter of the Explorers Club.
The meeting was set in an exclusive apartment on Strandvägen in Stockholm. Most members are still men of age (like me), but luckily their respectives came along. A mix is always more fun! There were lectures. I specifically enjoyed Martin Jakobssons lecture from the Ryder Expedition in Northern Greenland. It gave knowledge and perspective. New scientific data of both the climate change and how the Inuit arrived to these icy lands. Read more about the Expedition here at https://polarforskningsportalen.se/en/arctic/expeditions/ryder-2019
I gave a preview of the film Man With A Family, see the trailer here at 

It was nice to meet the extraordinary bird painter and well known artist Lars Jonsson again. He was the chef of the night and quite a character. And big! And he knows how to enjoy life. he has travlleed extensivly in Siberia. And he has been in Chukotka and Anadyr. Places of my dreams I have yet to visit! And the chairman of the Swedish chapter. Lars Larsson, master paddler from Åre. And an authority on Sven Hedin. Great people!
Do visit the Facebook page of the Explorers Club, Swedish Chapter https://www.facebook.com/swedishexplorers/

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