Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Sticking to the routines

Routines. I am a great believer that sticking to routines will be of great help in dire times. It´s like setting off into the great dark och cold polar night of Siberia. In the beginning you have no idea if you will make it. But you stick to your routines. All these things you have done for a long time. Soon life getss easier. Something you know well. On and off a disaster happen. You deal with it. And go back to the routines. And laugh as much as you can!
Such is our life right now. Sticking to the routines. Which very much means me sticking to rthe same routines. Preparing my Expedition food, training, looking ahead and supporting the girls. Due to unforseen circumstances, we don´t have a car now. Some sad middle aged man seem to spent all nights in Malmö causing damage to cars. He has a sharp object and scrapes the side of all cars he can damage. So I have had mine in repair for almost a week now. Even though I have an insurance it has cost me a 100 US. In these times, even more NOT necessary.
It also means a lot of walking for the girls. Which is healthy! But with football training twice a week, I bring them lots of food before and after the training. How can these little bodies need so much food!
We have also spent quite some time at the doctors, taking tests. We are still waiting for another eye operation for Eva. But due to these times, it is being pushed for the future. She sees less each day. But complains nothing. Such is life.
The laughter part?
Many. But for example, Dana has been given her friends some cash money. Her own hard earned cleaning her room money. It is the first time. So I asked her, why do you give away your money?
“It is just paper. Who cares!” was her answer.
Never a boring day with the girls!

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