Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Pre Covid-19 ideas

Pre-Covid-19 I was planning to be outdoors in an Arctic environment. Filming and training. Or keeping my skills intact. Instead I am holed up inside a flat in temperate Malmö. I had either Helags or Sylarna in my thopughts. Two Swedish mountain areas. Or if I could economically set it up, go to either Kangerlussuaq or Svalbard.
I went to Svalbard as a guide for Kensington Tours 2016. This time of the year. I caught a throat flu on route there and had to take antibiotics after a couple of days. I had a great group. But I wanted to get out into the wild was my job was done. Due to the throat issue, it didn´t happen.
Longyerbyen, the capital, is a huge base for tourism. Lots of interesting history and many polar explorers around. I saw a few. Talked to none. And it is a very functional and efficient tourist industry. Compared to Greenland. But those two cannot compare. You want to go off the beaten track, Greenland is the best in the world.
That said, I would like to go out into the wild one day in Svalbard. Maybe next year?

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