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Book review: Two Rotors, One Planet by Peter Wilson. (TJR Publishing).

Book review: Two Rotors, One Planet by Peter Wilson. (TJR Publishing).
It is rare to review and open a book where I myself might be mentioned. What will he write about me? I thought.
Peter writes about our -I would say- extraordinary meeting in Qasigiannguit:
“He was a delightfully extroverted, witty man, very interested in others and with many stories of his own adventures.”
Happy reading! And that is my main reaction after reading Peter´s book overnight from cover to cover. It makes me smile. It makes me want to read more.
Peter have made an extraordinary journey around the world in helicopter! (See his maps and journey at www.threejourneysround.com) And the book is a detailed description of passion. This is what has to be done to go through with an idea of yours. In Peter´s case also the survival of our planet.
I still remember the day, our second in Qasigiannguit, when Peter and Matthew flew in to the local helipad. Unreal. Who has ever had a visitor coming by helicopter?
I highly recommend a reading of Peter´s book as an inspiration what can be achieved if you have an idea. And how to go about it.

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