Explorer Mikael Strandberg

A twist for the worse

 Malmö 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 F)

Yakutsk -49 degrees Celsius (-56.2 F)

Verkhoyansk -50 degrees (-58 F)

My brother just called, whilst I was communicating with Tom at ExWeb in the US and the goods on its way. I dread my brothers calls. Because my mum is 90 and she has been weak for awhile, she is been an avid smoker all her life and she has paid the price for it, cancer, and I have mentally tried to prepare for the worst. It is getting closer. I am just very happy to we, e.g the family, got our act together and travelled up north to my home village Dala-Järna over Christmas, so she could meet my new daughter Scarlet. And since we live some 750 km:s south of the village, it isn´t all that easy getting there. Even though I have prepared, I think, I wish it doesn´t happen soon. But it most likely will. Such is life. Such is my life as well. Always some kind of drama. I wish I knew why. And it will, of course, affect my journey. Not necessarily in a negative way. But I know, my mum would have wanted me to continue with what i am doing. We have settled this between each others a long time ago.

 It has been hard getting anything done for awhile. Christmas, New Year and the Russian orthodox Holidays, which ends the 9th. And my editor, Ulrika Rang, has been ill. Same here. Another infection from the kids. It could also be a sign of over training, so from now on, 2 days a week will have to be enough. It is, however, easier to put on fat and I feel and look heavy! But it will be needed. So, basically what i have done work wise for the last days, is watching old Jacques Costeau docs.


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