Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Film Festival Northern Character Green

I have come out of the intellectual deadlock!
BUT, I fell asleep and missed the introduction and presentation of my film….just a midday nap which went on for three hours! The film Man With A Family – A Greenlandic Adventure was just shown to Russian and Norwegian audiences in Moscow and Kirkenes. During the film Festival Northern Character Green. Ecological and Social Cinema. Link https://www.northchar.ru/eng
Overwhelming as always to see the film. I love it. BUT, not being able to have the audience in front of me, feel the reactions…it was odd! And difficult. This Covid-19 stuff has to come to an end. We cannot continue to live in fear of it. We just have to accept it is there and continue with life. It has become nothing but a political game. I say I have come out of the intellectual deadlock. This is the problem with Covid-19. You just don´t meet people. So when the studio presenter asked a series of really good questions, I was badly prepared! You can listen to my answers here. DOn´T miss it! It is a intellectual revival! https://youtu.be/1cKf3eONoDY
BUT, I have missed these questions, the stimulance, the challenge…this was ALL I needed to get my act together and start a new drama! Thanks to Tamara who has been so helpful and kind!

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