North Cape to South Cape

This is september 1988. North Cape. The northernmost tip of Norway and Europe. Since returning home from the Chile to Alaska trip I have decided to do North Cape to Cape of Agulhaes. The souternmost tip of Africa. At least 30 000 km. Through the Sahara Desert.
This time I have the best equipment on the market. A professional bike. A professional tent, sleeping mattress. Yes, all the best stuff on the market.
After returning from Alaska things had gone well. I had pretty much lectured every day for 8 months. I had also been an over cool guest at the most popular travel program on Swedish TV of the day, Packat and Klart. See the clip. Extraordinary interview. You don´t need to know Swedish, since my answers are as short as they can be. I was nervous. TV was big back than!
My first 6660 km through Europe was freezing cold, wet and free from any other cyclists. I crossed into Morocco and I was fooled out of a fifth of my budget by a carpet seller. But I was in Africa. The toughest place to travel. But also the place you always want to return too.

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