Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Highway 101

I had lost 18 kg:s on the picture here. My upper arms were so thin my indexfinger and thumb met when checking my triceps. All leg muscles were gone. Hepatitis broke out whilst crossing the Darien Gap and I never recovered until I made it to the US. The heat, the demanding roads, lack of food in war torn Nicaragua, the eternal hills and my rush to reach Alaska before winter didn´t help. Once in the US, with eternal supermarkets along Highway 101, the weight came back. And once having reached Fairbanks, weight was back. It took 6 months.
But what a hell of a ride! 1½ year. Approx 27500 km:s. Great people. Great adventure. And the odd coatimundi. And one haircut. As you can see, not a very good one.

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