Expedition Defender X, London to New York, second test

London to New York is the last epic drive uncompleted. Our team will attempt to cover three-quarters of the earth’s surface in two Land Rover Defenders. 18,000 highway miles, 3,400 miles of ice roads and frozen tundra, plus amphibious crossing of the English Channel and Bering Strait.
Our stages are as follows:
Amphibious Ocean Testing
London to Moscow
Moscow to Yakutsk
Yakutsk to Uelen
Uelen to Nome
Nome to Fairbanks
This route has been attempted 4 times but never completed. It represents one of the finest challenges for a vehicle to endure due to the sub-zero temperatures, inhospitable terrain without roads, and the need to cross two bodies of water most notably the unpredictable Bering Strait.
The team consists of expedition veterans and polar explorers, filmmakers, and a social media specialist. Three members of our team are members of the Royal Geographic Society and Explorers Club; Jeff Willner, Steve Brooks, and Mikael Strandberg.
This transglobal expedition from London to New York offers a rare opportunity to showcase a lesser known part of the world that is epic in scale and filled with intriguing personalities and cultures. Publishing our journey to our sponsor’s luxury travel clientele and through a TV series is sure to spark tourism interest. It will be a pleasure to showcase some of these hidden wonders to the rest of the world.
This is a clip shot and edited by Samir Dounas from Samumba Film showing the second test in the UK..
Sponsor: Kensington Tours at https://www.instagram.com/defender.x/

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