Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Defender X

I was mentally exhausted after our first evening together! Void of any energy or coherent thought.
That´s how emotional it was!
Now here´s what took place:
First I spent days days trying to figure out incoherent British covid regulations. Then I entered a Ryanair flight. To London. Together with Sofie and Samir. We were heading for a project which has potential historical implications. The first passage of Landrovers from London to New York. Driving all the way!
But it was meeting one of the finest people I know, Jeff Willner which cleared my energy. After over two years of not meeting I was overwhelmed to se ehim again. On top of that, we met at an extraordinary farm hidden away surrounded by great beauty outside Oxford. This is the home of another extraordinary personality. Steve Boultbee Brooks.
I first met Steve at a medal ceremony at The Explorers Club in London. And his amazing wife Jo. Now this guy has flown from the North Pole to the South Pole. In a one engine helicopter. Around the world in a Spitfire. He has crossed the Bering Strait as far as it was possible before getting stopped by the Russians. In a home made vehicule. His energy and positive attitude to life is overwhelming. Like in the case of Jeff Willner, one of the most extraordinary human beings I have ever met.
And knowing that we three together with Sofie and Samir, are going to attempt this difficult journey….in my book it doesn´t get bigger!
These past days we have -or Steve, his crew and Jeff- have tried to see if it is possible to do this:
Construct a pontoon around the Landrovers, propelled by the same and cross stretches of water like the Bering Strait and the Channel. I would say it looks very promising. Thanks to the genuinity of Steve, his crew and Jeff. We actually drove the Landrovers on water!
Read about the Expedition here https://www.instagram.com/defender.x/
Read more about Steve https://www.sb2.eu/

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