Explorer Mikael Strandberg

First Icecap Crossing Team Meeting Yesterday!

Six months to go before we will attempt to cross the Greenland Icecap. We have a strong team.
But we are not there yet! We have a lot of administrative work ahead. Our human in Greenland, Pam, is on it. Some need to get all the equipment needed. Like food supplies for 34 days.
We need to keep the weight around 80 kg:s per person to make it a comfortable journey.
Peter and James are figuring out how to get enough energy to supply our electric needs. They have worked continously on most details for over a year. Priceless duo to have in the group.
Yesterday I suggested a possible who will share tent with who? Reactions still to come.
The pandemic, American visas and Brexit is not helping the logistics. It will be hard to get the team together before the crossing. However, I don´t worry too much about that.
This is also the last date for getting the serious training going. At least 3 times 2 hour slogs per week either cycling, running or preferably, hauling wheels. At least. To be able to do a crossing which will not create problems for the rest of the group. And to fully enjoy this great crossing.
One thing is for sure, a great group with almost only strong personalities!

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