Sofie Rördam

Travelling the Eurovelo 8 in Turkey by bicycle

For two weeks in July 2022, explorer and filmmaker Mikael Strandberg and his daughter´s Eva and Dana travelled the approx 500 km Eurovelo 8 route. It follows the coast of the beautiful Izmir Peninsula on a 500 km cycle route! It consists of an extension northwards of the Ephesus – Mimas Cycle Route, which traces the history of the settlements of the peninsula of İzmir, from the ancient Ionians to the Ottoman Empire. The route, while interconnecting ancient cities of vital cultural heritage, also allows the visitors to experience cultural, natural and local values.

Information about the Eurovelo 8 Izmir and

Read the blog from the journey

The four episodes are created by Onur Yazıcı Basın Ibb, Onur Koc, Suleyman Handeni and Hakan Orhunbilge at Cittaslow Izmir and İZMİR BÜYÜKŞEHİR BELEDİYESİ.

It is highly recommended by Explorer Mikael Strandberg!!!

Photocopyright Sofie Rördam (coverphoto)

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