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Birthday thoughts from a Swede

I am really to exhausted to write. I have just left the girls at their football training, hurried to a shopping mall, found a stora selling rubber rings for my Bialetti and I have bought a birthday cake. Princess tårta. A big one. Half for Dana, half for Eva.
I have bought it for the girls because I am in shock. Eva actually remembered my birthday. She came home from school just in time for a snack before cycling to the football pitch, 4 kms away, smiled at me, gave me volutarily a hug and said Happy Birthday papa!
Dana had no clue of course. She is just like me. I wouldnt know it is Christmas if it wasnt for the girls. But Dana know other stuff. Like how to get papa to buy her stuff.
Cake she shouted. Princess Cake! And a big one. We need to celebrate.
So I found one. Discounted because I have bought way to much food at the food chain ICA. She won’t know. I think. She is good at seeing through my investments of cheap stuff. She is too old to see what is fake or not.
I love being with the girls. Every minute. But it isnt easy to be the only parent at times. That is why I get up at 4 every morning to get my work and the first part of my training done before they wake up. I cycle with them to school every morning, so I can be with them as much as possible. And get some excercise too. A 45 min ride.
I do get things together, just. That is why I go to bed at 9. Exhausted. Every night.
That all said, on my birthday, I feel like the most priviled human on earth. Great kids, great woman in my life, great friends, great family, great ex wife, great job and a great inspiring life.
But, I do have some trouble with my left calf. Forced rest until…maybe after the upcoming week in Lima?
A Swedish take on life.

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