Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Yet another injury

Yet another setback.
For this reason I feel sorry for myself. Meaning cheap red wine and 200 grams of chocholate. Sending texts, voicemails and videos to Hannah and her love is bigger and stronger than any love I have ever received. I am a very priviliged man. And she gives perspective to my situation.
“You are never slowing down. You just force everything at full speed. You need to take time to enjoy life. Breathe, meditate and love.”
What happened? See here, a proper, I feel sorry for myself and life is unfair video https://youtu.be/sTfPEFMdNXQ
Hannah is obviously right. The problem is, I KNOW how short life is. I just need to live it to its fullest at full speed. Reality is, in a hundred years nobody will remember anyone of us reading this. This is life. Few understand this. So live!
So, I am in recovery again. But it is just as life is, full of obstacles. You swear and curse when they happen, deal with them and full speed again. And meeting Hannah is like written in the sky, she will make a difference. Hannah is an old long distance cyclist with China as a speciality and she works as hard at training as me, as motivated, has two kids, want to achieve things and home school her kids. All which I find very, very interesting. She is also into breathing, mediation, yoga and spiritual depth. All helpful to me, for sure. I am looking into it. She is a blessing in my life. Right now she´s in the mountains north of Quebec with her lovely kids.
Every time I run into an obstacles, my girls show their super sides. They are so loving, helful and very able to sort out problems. They cook, get groceries, clean the house and show that they have what it takes in tough situations.
That said, I am still a parent. So today, when I couldn´t ski, a bit cold out there, it was like at every football training that I am there to watch them (every one of them), most of the time I freeze my butt of just in wait for them to turn up. I love it though. most of the time.
Ok, I am still targeting the North pole, north west passage and the Greenland icecap. Just another setback. Many more to come.
Girls wanna watch a movie now.

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