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About wisdom and Kristin Harila

I have been in the grip of a possible death twice this past year. I will tell you about it another time. I am just mentioning this because it makes you realize some important lessons in life.
Like for example, life is for ever changing. It is how life is. Best to embrace the change, though obviously one can miss the old times. I certainly don´t. Nothing was better that past time!
And another lesson is, stop moaning about the past and about others, just live, love and encourage!
The reason I pen this piece of writing down, is due to this article I woke up with this morning https://explorersweb.com/controversy-harilas-team…/ about the young ambitious Norwegian mountain express, Kristin Harila. I personally love her ambition and what she is doing and embrace it fully!
I am thinking about all the comments I have read about her feats. And obviously there´s always going to be a lot of arm chair adventurers having opinions, for or against. Most often against since like any troll, they need to be seen. And I am not against people having opinions!
What does make me a bit of sad is when I see there´s men in my age age behaving like they are guardians what pure adventure and exploration is. Of course it is good if there´s some kind of guidelines, if set up by people who know what they are talking about, but generally, older folks over +55, why not spend your time encouriging those you do think are doing the proper way? And get out there, live the life! It can end any second.
As a side note, I have spent like 7-8 months all together in nepal, but back in the 1990`s, loved the place, the people and atmosphere. These are some photos from my New Zealand to Cairo cycling.

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