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Expedition Preparations, part 4: Recovery

I raced the 16th of October 2019. My best race so far. A 12 km trailrun. Basically, since my start of racing, end of July 2019, I have bettered my time with almost 17 minutes. 10 km. That is good. It shows had bad I was when beginning. No matter what. Training hard 4 times a week running, 2 days at a gym, change of diet for losing weight (5 kg to get down to 70 kg, for me ideal being 170 cm tall) and finding the right Expedition diet…well, I hit the wall. I picked up an Achilles tendonitis. I caught a urinary infection which stayed withme for a month. And now at the end of the year, I have slowly started to run. 1 km. 2 km. Next three kilometers. Inside on a running treadmill not to aggrevate the achilles too much.

During these 2½ months I have changed how I look on training, eating and life in general. I am going to share my change in training. It is based on the knowledge of aging requires changes to fit the age. And I have decided to use outside professional help on moving on to find the best diet and training for the upcoming Expeditions. It might be of help.

Read the article https://www.mikaelstrandberg.com/2019/12/30/recovery/

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