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Unwind with Gratitude

Unwind with gratitude.
This is the title I use the most of all my meditation settings I can choose to listen to on my phone. Basically it is 5-6 minutes of thinking with concentration on the good things which have happened in the day.
As a solo dad with the two lowliest daughters on earth, it is still a job getting the day together without some amount of stress. Especially in the evening when I have to motivate the girls to sleep, clean up the mess they have made by leaving their clothes all over the place, Dana´s experiments (yesterday parachuting an egg from the balcony to see if it could not break) and apply 15 minutes to giving Eva all the eye drops she needs to stay seeing. On top of that the dishes, the laundry and my continous routines. Like before bed I always do 30 min of rehab work for the knees and some kind of winding down either breathwork or mediation.
Both help a lot. My sleep is better. No doubt. Anyway, I like the gratitude one, because every night it shows me the overwhelming positive things with my existence! Like yesterday I spent many hours watching the girls football games. Then we headed home, made a pizza together and watched Avatar. Life couldn´t be better!
Two observations yesterday. One, I go to pretty mcuh every training and game the girls have. And most of the time, I see 1-2 other parents. The same one´s. What are all the other´s doing? And they are two parents. I am just wondering.
Secondly. As for those of you who have training as a regular item in your life, there´s no question about it, appropriate rest after a hard work is a survval must for those 50+!
And, as life, finding the right way to train and live your life, is very individual. In this case I am thinking the huge output of courses and classes in mediation, mindfulness and breathing. I have tried to a few of them, like Wim Hof´s breathwork, TM Meditation, but none of them suit me. Too long, too demanding, but a bit of every one helps me a lot. As with life, find your own way.
Life is good!

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