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-50 degrees to plus 40 in a few seconds?

-50 degrees to plus 40 in a few seconds?
It can only happen in Siberia. But I had a reminder yesterday here in Southern Sweden! Yesterday I went to the sauna and cold bath in Malmö, Ribergsnorgs Kallbadhus. The wood firing sauna was plus 90 and the air outside 6 C. The water 5 degrees. So I first had a 12 minute warm up in the sauna, then stepped into the sea. It is amazing the shock the body goes through. My thoughts when dipping myself yesterday:
I was thinking about going through a lead heading for the North Pole.
The shock and difficulties getting out of it! Anyway. Siberia. When I got into the hot sauna again, my skin kind of straightened out, withdrew and a tingeling on my cheeks and top of my ears started. This is where I had some frost issues in Siberia. Ten minutes later it was hard to breathe again. Like when entering a cabin in Siberia.
Imagine having skied all day in -50 degrees Celsius. And pulling 300 pounds of weight on a surface which felt like deep sand. Just incredibly hard work. Sweating way too much. Fingers are almost useless. Almost dangerous. Than when you think you are in serious trouble, a cabin turns up in the dark. A straight smoke from the chimney. It´s people at home. Hunters, trappers. Always the best of people. But not used to that much company. Most have reumatic problems. So the heat inside the house, almost sauna like. For us, stepping from dangerously cold into the dry heat. A shock. The teeth feel like they will just explode. The skin turns back on itself almost. All the snow and ice on the clothes, near the body, starts drying up. An hour later it is so hot, hard to breathe.
A very Siberian experience! Still, locally, very normal-na. Meet the most fantastic people on earth!

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