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The reason of hauling rubber tires in the forest!

The reason of hauling rubber tires in the forest!

The crossing of the Greenland Icecap includes a lot of training. Many times you have to try to combine them. Since I am doing some sort of a film, but can´t bring heavy gear, I will use a small DJI handheld and the Iphone. On top of that, since the girls are off school, we are stuck for now in Malmö, due to Evas eye situation, but I can´t let them spend all day chillaxing. So I bring them when I haul, they film and try all the stuff like mikes, gimbal or not, 4 K or 1080 like here…

I pay them 10 dollars a day and free pizza. They´re doing a good job. So here´s an Iphone test with no gimbal, just software from FilmicPro, dealt with by Dana Strandberg, backed up by Eva Strandberg.

This ended up a damn tough haul, 4 hours, 13 km:s, muddy and rainy, the girls picked up some abrasions on their feet and heels, but never complains. Amazing girls….

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