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-99°F Below Zero

Extreme cold fascinates most people. Every time the subject comes up on my site, the readership grows tenfold. And I get a lot of […]

Mum´s moved on to another world and I wonder; What to do?

I feel so incredibly tired. And sad. But still working on with happiness getting the new Siberian Expedition on board. But life has its own ways to show that tragedy and sorrow is a big part of the life of a human being. My mum died yesterday and …

Trouble on all levels…..but we are awarded Explorer Clubs Flag 179!

Malmö -2 C (28.4 F) Yakutsk -45 C (-49 F) Verkhoyansk -52 C (61.6 F) The gear from Exweb -SPOT tracker, laptop, sat phone an the software to send updates on route- arrived after being held in customs for 2 extra days yesterday. And, once I opened…

Ponies at The Poles

I am probably subjective when it comes to this issue, but in my book, exploration with animals as partners, isn´t only the […]

The Hunter´s reflex, 11 days to go, hardly any gear have arrived, but we all have the visas now

Malmö 2 degrees C (36 F) Yakutsk -48 degrees C (-55 F) Verkhoyansk -50 degrees C (-58 F) Extra kg:s I have put on 18 kg (42 pounds) My friend Ken Kamler, with whom I am going to dwell into the subject extreme cold, write me these lines the other …

Opinion; Internal Exploration

I often get the question, why do you call yourself an explorer, not an adventurer? My answer is that I see an […]

A twist for the worse

Malmö 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 F) Yakutsk -49 degrees Celsius (-56.2 F) Verkhoyansk -50 degrees (-58 F) My brother just called, whilst I was communicating with Tom at ExWeb in the US and the goods on its way. I dread my brothers calls. Because my …

Paradise or hell, life below zero degrees

There´s nothing as alluring to both armchair adventurers and real one´s as extreme cold. I know that from many years of being […]

Orthodox Christmas makes life complicated, more kit arriving

Temperatures: Malmö 9 degrees Celsius (48.2 F) Yakutsk -48 degrees Celsius (54.4 F) Verkhoyansk -49 degrees Celsius (56.2 F) There s certainly a degree of stress being created at this precise moment! Of course, the Russian Orthodox Christmas isn…

Thoughts on hypothermia, frostbites, Ken Kamler and very little sleep

I don t get a lot of sleep at the moment. It is just before 5 a.m in the morning and I have been up since 3.20.I am hungry, need more fat and I dwell on things too much. I am slightly worried how to get everything on board. Lats year was a great …