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Frozen Frontier; I just love vodka!

17th of March 2013 -27 degrees Celsius Yakutsk, republic of Sakha I just love vodka! At least right now! Let me tell […]

Frozen Frontier; Almost killed by a bear

14 March 2013 -37 degrees Celsius Yakutsk, The Republic of Sakha Yes! I feel I have returned from this amazing journey with […]

Frozen Frontier: Great news from Khabarovsk!

9th of March -37 degrees Celsius Yakutsk, The Republic of Sakha ”I think you are judging all women from your Western perspective” […]

Frozen Frontier; At the hospital in Chabarovsk

5th of March 2013 -7 degrees celsius Hotel Tourist in Chabarovsk ”I want to return to the taiga as soon as possible” […]

Frozen Frontier; Mission Accomplished, Arkah reached

March 2nd -37 degrees Celsius The settlement of Arkah, a warm nice little log cabin Arkah! The epic journey by reindeer and […]

Frozen Frontier; A UFO in the taiga

27th of February 2013
-30 degrees Celsius
Our last wild camp of the Expedition, 30 km:s north of Arkah, in the taiga

I just came back from a small tasty dinner of frozen, chopped up reindeer heart eaten raw at the Eveny tent, our last night together in the wilderness, and it feels sad. We have had a great time together. Especially the last three days.

Frozen Frontier>; Slogging though a harsh reality

25th of February 2013 –
Camp at Uyega, an abandoned pre-Soviet weather station –
Around -30 degrees Celsius

The last three days have all been the harsh reality of life out here in the taiga.

Frozen Frontier; Missing the Soviet Union Big Time

21 February 2013 –
-25 degrees Celsius –
15 km south of Chirpolay, in the taiga

’“” Of course it was much better for us during the Soviet times’“”

Frozen frontier; Dangerous ice crossings

18 February 2013 –
In the small hunting settlement of Chirpolay –
-25 degrees Celsius

Yes, finally a true insight into the meaning of life!

Please hear me out!

Frozen Frontier; Pregnancy drama

Somewhere in the taiga –
15th of February 2013 –
Around -30 degrees Celsius (amazingly warm!)

What do we do if people get seriously ill?