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The Hunter´s reflex, 11 days to go, hardly any gear have arrived, but we all have the visas now

Malmö 2 degrees C (36 F) Yakutsk -48 degrees C (-55 F) Verkhoyansk -50 degrees C (-58 F) Extra kg:s I have put on 18 kg (42 pounds) My friend Ken Kamler, with whom I am going to dwell into the subject extreme cold, write me these lines the other …

Opinion; Internal Exploration

I often get the question, why do you call yourself an explorer, not an adventurer? My answer is that I see an […]

A twist for the worse

Malmö 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 F) Yakutsk -49 degrees Celsius (-56.2 F) Verkhoyansk -50 degrees (-58 F) My brother just called, whilst I was communicating with Tom at ExWeb in the US and the goods on its way. I dread my brothers calls. Because my …

Paradise or hell, life below zero degrees

There´s nothing as alluring to both armchair adventurers and real one´s as extreme cold. I know that from many years of being […]

Orthodox Christmas makes life complicated, more kit arriving

Temperatures: Malmö 9 degrees Celsius (48.2 F) Yakutsk -48 degrees Celsius (54.4 F) Verkhoyansk -49 degrees Celsius (56.2 F) There s certainly a degree of stress being created at this precise moment! Of course, the Russian Orthodox Christmas isn…

Thoughts on hypothermia, frostbites, Ken Kamler and very little sleep

I don t get a lot of sleep at the moment. It is just before 5 a.m in the morning and I have been up since 3.20.I am hungry, need more fat and I dwell on things too much. I am slightly worried how to get everything on board. Lats year was a great …

Extreme cold; Choice of clothes in Polar areas such as the Arctic and Antarctica

The last day of the year. Another year soon to come. The year of 2013. And I am thinking about extreme cold. […]

Extreme cold; How to dress and what thermal underwear is best, wool or high tech yarns?

As soon as extreme temperatures and wild weather hits especially the US, I get a lot of questions as regards to how […]

11 kg plus (24 pounds) and the arrival of the first kit to help me survive!

The family spent the Christmas Holidays in Dala-Järna, where I am born, atmosphere and temperature where great. -5 Celsius and quite good on the snowy side. I checked my weight before starting to eat the enormous amounts of food that we in the ri…

10 invaluable items of gear I would bring on an extremely cold Expedition

Yesterday I received news that over 200 people had frozen to death in Russia due to the extremely cold winter over there. At the […]