Hannah Pierce-Carlson

Pedaling Through Life: A Love Story on Wheels

“How is it going with Hannah?”
The most common question I get nowadays. Right now, not only do I love her more than ever, but I am also very proud over her. And yes, indeed, I have found my soulmate!
Every morning for the last 9 days, I have woken up and first of all checking Whatsapp to see if there´s any messages from Hannah. If she is ok, where she iscamping, how far she has made it and how she feels. There´s always something inspiring, funny or loving. Hannah has returned back to her adventure cycling days. Back in 2006-7 she did some awesome solo cycle touring in China of all places! Impressive! She has cycled extensively in China and South-East Asia. And she lived there most of the time between 2005-14 and speaks mandarin.
We first met through a bicycle group on Facebook. I wrote a piece about the Turkish journey I did with my girls last summer. Our discussion deepened, we met in Toronto at the end of November (first photo here is from this meeting), there you go, the start of a great love story!
This time she has ridden in pretty much awful weather up and down the mountains from Vermont to Portland and back. We have talked at length every day, which isn´t that easy when she is back home being a mum. The time difference of 6 hours is certainly not helping us. When Hannah wakes up, gets going, I start preparing dinner for me and the kids and will be sleeping in a couple of hours. It isn´t the easiest thing in the world, but it is what it is.
We will figure it out!
Hannah is such a joy in my life with her Texan go-for-it attitude and loving behaviour.
To be continued…..

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