Sofie Rördam

A year since the bad accident

Today´s is a year since the accident on the ice cap in Greenland. Severe concussion. I really had no idea what it meant.

A year on I realize I had no clue how complicated life would be.

Right now I am in Toronto at the Hot Docs with the Defender X project. And I have some of my best friends around me, I have Hannah in my life looking after my kids in Malmö, so life is definitely with the best it could be. But, one thing I have learned, concussions are way worse than I imagined.

What has been most difficult? Initially for two months I couldn´t really do anything. I was dizzy, tired, exhausted and feeling sick 24/7. Then the girls and I cycled Turkey. It felt like I had gotten rid off it. 2 months only, much less than most people. I am strong I thought!

I was wrong. Only a couple of weeks after getting back from Turkey, the concussion took over again. I couldn´t watch or work on my laptop, phone or watch TV more than maximum an hour a day. All together. I could do no editing or anything which I was meant to do. I could train as long as I didn´t do anything horizontal.

Most difficult, which is still with me a year on, is that I can´t take in too much information. It is like my head is like a bucket. After awhile it is full. And it is impossible to add anymore information. I need a complete break in silence. Until the bucket is empty. Depending on the situation, that can be an hour or a day. If stressed, more difficult.

Not always easy for people around me to understand, but it is what it is. Extreme stress just has to be avoided.

Basically it means I have done some important changes to my lifestyle. I have cut down on training, long work hours, but most of all, I have realized I cannot do 3 big Expeditions a year So it is a good thing too!

Biggest lesson learned, life is short, live to its fullest. Add more time to your family, your love and your friends. An hour with friends and family is worth hundreds of hours of work.

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