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Civil War in Sanaa; A report from Haykal Bafana

Being in the capital of a country on the verge of an all-out civil war is a strange experience. The last 3 […]

The Making of the Yemen Documentary

My biggest worry since the day I decided to put all my life into doing a documentary about Yemen, has been whether […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; the climb to Rub Al Utma

”He is so upset, if you talk to him, he will punch you in the face!” Amin told me, just after half […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Kidnapped and shelled by mortar fire!

The last two days have been scary. First I got kidnapped and yesterday our area got shelled by mortar fire. Let me […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; Trouble in Hashaba

Sometimes fate makes you take the wrong decision! Otherwise I wouldn´t have ended up in that part of Sanaa which is probably […]

Expedition Yemen By Camel; The first week in Sanaa

Sanaa´s International Airport got shelled for the first time a few hours back in time, and the airport is once again closed. […]

An involuntary adventurer in Yemen by Tanya Holm

One of the first issues which irritated me as regards to what I was reading about the war in Yemen, was the […]

“I am really worried, really worried!” – An insight into the protests in Yemen

I follow Al Jazeera and BBC a few hours every day. Read the New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent, Gulf News […]

Warplanes and Ibn Battuta

A few hours ago I woke when the muezzin called for another day of fasting, accompanied by warplanes heading for the Saada […]