Everest teen gets explorers support

When I first read that a 13-year-old  boy wanted to climb Everest, I reacted negatively. I thought this has got to be a joke, he is way too young!

But reading more about Jordan Romero it becomes clear that this boy knows his way around a mountain. He’s been to high altitude before and has some top peaks on his CV.

So why the worry? His detractors, and there are many, are clearly forgetting what exploring is all about.

Human life is about pushing the limits of what others think is impossible. Or stupid. Or irresponsible. Or dangerous. This underpins all exploring.

Put yourself in the boy’s position; what an opportunity!

So I say to Jordan Romero, aged 13: Go for it!

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  1. Hi Mikael

    I trust this message finds you well and life with the new baby is nothing but good.

    I must admit when I first read about Jordan my reaction was much the same but upon reflection I echo your own sentiments, I now raise my hat to this young man who certainly does seem to have a very level head on such young shoulders – I consistently read negative reports regarding the youth in the UK – a country I no longer choose to live in and here we have a young man who has found a passion and a want to achieve, is that not how we started, I remember well my craving as a teenager to explore jungles, I created that opportunity later in my life and have never looked back – The Jungles of Papua New Guinea are more a home to me now than any where else and as such Jordan seems to have found his space climbing Mountains, from all at the Guild of Travel and Tourism and EPM Ltd we wish him God speed.

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