Expedition diet

I get many requests for a list of the Expedition food I am eating. I am entering my third week now. And am lighter, stronger, happier. But it takes a lot of work, costs a bit more, though portions are half of before. But I am not hungry that much. So far, great.

Since this is hard work put in by the Expedition dietist Marta Naczyk, I am afraid you all have to contact her. Which can be done via Instagram. Her adress is https://www.instagram.com/martanaczyk/

I eat five times a day. Everything from turmeric to turkey, salmon and even some meat. Parma or Jamon Serrano. All to build up the best shape for what is coming, where extreme weather is a major part of the journey.

It has help with the running, because Marta has given my some well working and efficient liquids to drink. I am almost recovered all over after last Sundays run. Getting ready for a new one in two weeks!

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