Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Tech trouble, some kit arriving and some stress

Flag 179 arrived yesterday. An honor of course. The same Flag which bit the dust in Al Mahra not long ago. That made me content and happy. Even happier, I felt today when Eva´s and Scarlett´s stuff arrived from Isbjörn of Sweden, the best kid gear for extreme cold I have ever seen. Eva has slept badly lately, she has screamed my name at night, she knows I am preparing to leave. Her teachers told me today when I picked her up, last time the saw her as worried as this, was during my Yemen Expedition. I don´t think she has understood she is coming this time! Maybe when she saw all this gear and we tried the Facemasks on both of us!


As happy is the wonderful little toddler Scarlett Sardana, still not 5 months, her kit looked real good. She is a tough little girl, no doubt. She needs to be with an oddball of a dad like me…


Today the important investors in my Yemen Doc saw the rough cut Ulrika and me have put together so far and they liked what they saw, even if there´s loads of work to do yet. That makes me even happier, because I stll have loads of tech problems with the gear arriving from ExWeb.First the laptop screen was dead, so i have ordered a new one from Stockholm today to meet Tom´s specifics. And than, when i went to the bank to send money to Bolot, I wanted to send a test report via my old laptop and the sat phone, well, the sat phone didn´t work. I am not very happy as you can understand with these tech problems, but a day like this, i can take it!


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