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Very inspired after meeting camel expert!

Marianne Ahrne is a very good friend of mine, is actually one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She has done more than 40 movies and documentaries, raced with camels in Jaiselmeer, traveled the Classic Salt Caravan Route from Arlit in Niger to Bilma, competed with camel in Kenya, so she knows camels very well. And she has hade a lot of good opinions about my first part in Yemen and some really important points for the second part. As regards to the camels.

I wasn´t happy with the camel situation on part one. Due to the political situation I was forced to hire one with the option to buy and bring its handler to get to know Antar and I therefore never got involved with him. This is not good at all. So this I will certainly change and after visiting Marianne, and I have watched her documentary from Jaiselmeer, a very warm and positive film, she lent me her gear used in India, so i will bring that and her knowledge back to Yemen. She is kind of a camel whisperer. So, for the first time since I came back from yemen, I feel genuinly happy going back and set things up with the camels! I have worried a lot about the camel situation, since they´re so sensitive with their eating habits. I still don´t know where to find the suitable one´s or how long it will take to train them and how many of them…

What I do know is that I am happy that I have chosen this life, since you get friends like Marianne. Genuine human beings in a modern world where that is becoming rare. And she is a real explorer, which is also rare. There´s so many fakes around, especially in Sweden.

Finally I have made most of my job on the doc, now I will await my editors thoughts. And next week, have to get all the tax papers ready. All receits that I have in a polythine bag. I am no good at this at all. Economy and papers. It just doesn´t interest me one bit. I am really a disaster.

Sour throat coming there. It is due to a deep sadness. One of my greatest and most generous of friends, Folke U Persson died a month ago and I went to his funeral today, amongst all meetings for funding, and it was a beautiful and positive one. But it is such a loss. It will take time for me to properly grieve.


Me and Folke U Persson receiving the Mannerheim Medals 2007


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