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Equipment list, tech tests and final thoughts

 I just hate leaving my loved one´s.

Even if there´s plenty of time before I leave, it is already bothering me big time. Bruce Chatwin wrote a whole book about this!

I often get asked about equipment lists and I have put this one together for a possible Yemen venture at the end of the month!

Base equipment

1 Backpack 90 litres

1 Small backpack for all tech Eagle Creek

1 tent 3-4 people

1 ridge rest

1 Thermarest small

2 90 litre Seal Line bags

2 LED headlamps

2 Camelbak Packs medium

1 Waterfilter, 1 ceramic spare

1 pair of Sunglasses Julbo

1 Nalgene bottle



Clothes, shoes, boots

 1 khaffiya

1 6 Termo top hats

3 pairs of double socks Termo

2 trousers

2 pairs of thermal underwear Termo

2 shirts

1 wool vest Termo

2 long armed Termo undershirts

1 light rain- and wind jacket

1 pair of Scarpa boots

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of trainers

 Kitchenware, cooking

1 Soto Muka stove

4 1-litre bottles Soto

1 pots and pans

1 Leatherman Tool

1 knife

1 fork- and spoon


Equipment for the camel 

2 bridles used and donated by Marianne Ahrne in India

2 reins donated by Maud Westergren


1 big roll of duck tape

1 roll of electrical tape

4 2032 batteries

28 AAA Lithium batteries only for the 2 head lamps

90 AA Lithium batteries for all other technique

1 Explorers Club flag 179

1 Long Riders Guild Flag

1 Note book

1 account book

1 The Southern gates of Arabia by Freya Stark

1 book Aden to Hadramawht by Van der Meulen

1 book Winter in Arabia by Freya Stark


Eva saw me taking notes, wanna do the same….

Expedition Medicine

1 big tube of Helosan cream for both humans and camels

2 jars of Tiger Balm

1 jar of multivitamins for 3 months

200 pills of Novalucol (for stomach ulcers)

60 pills of Paracetamol

40 pills of Voltaren

1 pkt of bandaids

3 pkts of Compeed

40 pills of Lopermaid

1 big roll of tape for the feet

1 bandage

1 tube of rehydration salts

1 special lipbalm

1 lipbalm

1 suntan cream 50?

1 lipbalm 50+ lips

3 Fisherman´s friend

Personal hygiene

1 bottle of Listerine

4 tooth brushes 

[wpvideo 6UFvgZTf]

The final words…..

Technical Equipment 

1 Canon XA10

1 Canon recharger

1 Sennheiser Microphone

1 Lumix GH

2 camera

1 Lumix recharger

1 Silva GPS

1 Iridium Satellite Phone

1 Wall Recharger

1 HET 50 Power Battery

1 Wall recharger

1 Solar Blazt Feather Solar Panel

1 Free Loader Solar panel

1 CamCaddy Battery Recharger

1 Free Loader Battery

1 Solar booster

1 Laptop Latitude D420

1 mobile phone for use in Yemen

5 car chargers

Several different cables


1 airline ticket

1 passport

1 visa

1 insurance

2 credit cards

1 yellow vaccination card

Copies of passport and other documents

Read this article about the trip in ExplorersWeb!

[wpvideo 31V2rGBn]

The Swedish pilot as it looks like now,in Swedish….


  1. Mikael, I’m glad I stumbled across your blog through Adventure Journal. I lived in Sana’a for half a year while studying Arabic a few years back, and found Yemen to be an amazing place, full of great people. I still have a soft spot in my heart for Yemen… I look forward to following the details of your journey–it looks absolutely incredible!

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