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Documentary; Expedition Yemen By Camel – the pilot

I have written 7 books and done 3 documentaries. Some people say it is like having a child every time you have finished your book or your documentary, a sentiment I actually I disagree with. Eva´s birth was in another league! However, it is a grand feeling.

This time , however, this is my first pilot I have ever done. Doing pilots is expected nowadays in the world of documentary. It is done to lure broad casters and investors to buy and see what they invest in. Here´s my first try. This is a job I have done over three months, on and off, together with one of Sweden´s best editors, Ulrika Rang.

I am in Sanaa whilst writing this, meeting people, setting up contacts and trying to figure out how in earth I am going to be able to do any travelling during these circumstances. But, but, hard work normally gives results. But let me add, in shallah!

My hope is that my documentary will give a positive and true picture of this amazing country. There´s many documentaries about Yemen right now, which are really negative, wrong and bad in my eyes. See my discussion about this issue here at http://explorermikaelstrandberg.posterous.com/the-reluctant-revolutionary-by-sean-mcalliste

Please come with opinions!




  1. Dear Mikael, hat off..its a great, educational, informative and enjoying pilot. Really looking forward see the coming on swedish tv later. Also to learn more about Yemen.
    A country, almost so unknown as a smaller african state, and I think never heard any good about. You, as openminded as you are, have now the oppurtunity to learn us more about this country.
    Take care now and be careful.

    All the best


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