Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Documentary; Expedition Yemen by Camel – The pilot

I have written 7 books and done 3 documentaries. Some people say it is like having a child every time you have finished your book or your documentary, which I disagree with. However, it is a grand feeling. This time , however, this is my first pilot I have ever done. This is expected nowadays in the world of documentary. It is done to lure broad casters and investors to buy and see what they invest in. Here´s my first try. A job I have done over three months, on and off,  together with one of Sweden´s best editors, Ulrika Rang.

[vimeo 42817817 w=500 h=281]

My hope is that my documentary will give a positive and true picture of this amazing country. There´s many documentaries out right now about Yemen, which are really bad in my eyes. See my discussion about this issue here at http://explorermikaelstrandberg.posterous.com/the-reluctant-revolutionary-by-sean-mcalliste

Please come with opinions!


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