Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Preparations; Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy and a kit for -70 degrees Celsius

I love this rush!

 I feels like it has been such a long time! This feeling that it is time for a major Expedition to happen again! So many things to do in a far too short time, but I am extremely happy, because I feel in bones that this will come out somewhat extra ordinary! The whole family feel the same feeling of joy, excitement, apprehension and there´s a great adventure ahead.

Even though I should in reality have had at least a year to prepare, physically I am stronger than in years. I work my muscles 3 times a week according to a Germen scheme of ten reps and ten sets two times per muscle group. On top of that, I do aerobic training twice a week. And, of course, i am still fit since the Yemen Expedition. So I am ok. And after having been in Siberia before and I read a lot about Russian and Siberia, I am still quite into this area, so I guess I am ready!


What am I doing right now? Well, first of all, we should all have the visas in time. Secondly I am going through my Siberian Equipment list from back in 2004 and figuring out what I need this time. Yegor has found me some real good clothes in Lower Kolyma and a reindeer family is working on my fur outfit as I right this. But I am also going through what I need in the shape of modern polar gear and I will go for Mountain Hardwear, set up by my old Kolyma partner Johan Ivarsson. On top of that, I need boots, I have looked at Baffin Boots and a facemask, where I will go for my old one, used along the Kolyma. I have bought more kit from Cascade Designs like a therm-A-Rest, a new variet of Ridge Rest and a down pillow!


On top of that, I am waiting for the guys at OutWildTv to get the kit together with the help of Tom at ExWeb. Exciting days ahead!

Today I had a day free of editing the Yemen Doc. U´s kids where down with the flu, just like Iam at the moment, which hinders me from training. Actually, we, the family are heading upto Dalarna, my birth place of Christmas, so no training for ten days. But lot´s of eating. Fat is extremely vital to stand this cold. So I am happy my old pal and sponsor, Olle Widell, sent me 3 litres of the best extra virgin olive oil directly from Italy.




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