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Best Equipment From The Greenland Expedition, part 2, LowePro

Best equipment from the Greenland Expedition and project?
I often get kit questions. What is good and what is not. Which brands? Since Christmas is coming up I have picked 5 items which I will present to you during five days. Equipment which is worth the price, works on the most demanding of Expeditions and won´t let you down.
Part 2. Lowe Pro Pro Actic 450 AW backpack
A small backpack is something I use everyday. For Expedition, carrying the girls stuff to school, a quick journey to the Carribean, you name it!. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment. I have looked for years for a good small backpack/daypack. But before the Greenland journey I found a partner, Cyberphoto.se. They recommended this backpack. the best I have ever had. And three years later, it still looks like new!
It sits well on the back, very durable and it has this hard top pocket for passports, money and so on. Not too many sidepockets. And a good rain cover. A super pack!

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