Editorial; A Public Apology To My Readers

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately it has come to my attention that my trust has been abused by certain members of the international exploration community. My blog has also been used, without my knowledge or agreement, to promote people and causes which I no longer believe are accurate or sincere.

That is why I am issuing this public apology to you my readers, so as to state that it was never my intention to expose you to any
misleading information. Yet one of my pillars of belief, is that I always trust people until proven differently.

And even than, give them another chance. Or two.

Having said that, I want to point out that the issue of ethical exploration is a major priority for me.

In the past I have publicly expressed my own deep-seated concerns about the need to be totally honest regarding my role as an explorer. I have even wondered aloud in public “Am I a fake and a cheat?” I voiced these thoughts because of my desire to be honest with my peers.  And you readers. And myself.

And in all this, it is very important to understand that my blog is dedicated to encouraging others to explore our world.

It is not a center of inquisition. I do not wish to participate in internet vendettas. Nor am I willing to ignore evidence of exploration fakery. As my involvement with The Long Walk articles shows.

Yet recent events have demonstrated that, despite my previous efforts to maintain the highest standards, I will be required to be more stringent in the future.


Mikael Strandberg