Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Kids Outdoors: Torup

Torup. Only 15 km from the center of Malmö, Swedens third largest city, you have an amazing area around a place called Torup. Ok, so it is overdone to suit city dwellers. Meaning a café or two. Showers, managed running areas and such, but the beech forest is extra ordinary lovely! Dana went off for another play date. So Eva and me did a small walk. It was time to teach her to set up the gas stove, do the food and drinks for herself and it went very well. The idea is to give her and Dana their own night out within a year. Self supported. Some physical strength still needed I see. I was knackered before going. I woke up at 4 a.m, done a bit work, done laundry, starting cleaning the house and then off to the dance school with Dana. After that I had to do the shopping for the upcoming week. But as always, getting out of the city, a bit of fresh unspoilt air, the sounds of the trees, a quick recovery! And most visitors sit at the cafés, so not a lot of people in the actual forest as far as we could see. Except when I had to take a dump. Don´t misst Torup Bokskogen!

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