Explorer Mikael Strandberg

I am beginning to fall in love with Mosside!

Let me just say that these last three days have been the best so far in Mosside. And not only that, it has in many ways changed the way I look upon his place I live right now!

A major difference was funding the little funds I have and get my new friend, Misha over to help me. One of the best desicions I have taken. Misha is an extra ordinary human. Born in small village not too far off Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha, the coldest inhabited place on earth, and now he is living and working as a freelance film maker in London! This journey of life has taught him many things and he has boundless energy, good humor and is easily loved by people, so together with him, we have done a hell of a lot of work in only three days. Most important of all, setting up a structure of very interesting personalities from the area.

People make such a difference to any area. And Mosside is definitely a very underprivileged area of our world, but this definitely creates a we against them mentality and once accepted as a Mossider, which I believe we are right now, there´s a great sense of belonging. And if feel genuinely happy we did end up in these unique part of our world!

Right now, Misha left yesterday, we all miss him a lot and I realize he has to become part of this project. Not only has he gone though a wobbly life but he has such a good way with people and his camerawork is very good. But at this moment, after going through the material, there´s some wind issues, I feel happy but very tired. I have transferred the files to hard disc and now i will take a few days reading up on the Uk through Katie Fox and Jeremy Paxman.

And thanks to my wife and my two sidekicks as producers, Eva and Dana, who have been with us pretty much every second except at the pub! I will write more soon, in more detail.


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