Explorer Mikael Strandberg

First rec tour: The Peak district and Edale

I have just returned home after probably the most important part of an Expedition, figuring out a route and hopefully getting a good start. Both on the Expedition in itself and most importantly, the documentary. So, I hired a car, brought the whole family and headed off into the Peak District, which is amazingly close to Moss Side and Manchester. The distance is around 50 km:s as the crow flies and it is two completely different worlds. Great both of them in their own ways.

Due to an old friend, Olly, we ended up in the most stunning of environments with some of the nicest and most inspiring people on all levels, Tom and Kirsty, who most English would place on some kind of a British upper class ladder, but as most of my perceived ideas about contemporary Britain, it has changed a lot and for the better. This couple, their great big house and the environment, was just like a dream for my family and it was a slice of paradise for a couple of days. And coming back to Moss Side and our tiny, little dark house woke us up to reality again. This visit really gave a perspective and I can see that our time in Moss Side is probably one of the most important in our lives so far. And it was great to meet old friends and talk about…England! A country I like more for each day of passing!

I am really, really tired, today, but have so much work ahead of me. At times I feel vulnerable being everything from researcher to film maker, but such is life. A very privileged one! I need to get some serious filming done before the weekend. Easter holidays now. No end to holidays! Yes,  am under great stress….as usual! But at least the film is on board!

And, yes, Dana will join me and I will push her in a pram/stroller as below….to London!

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