John Brick Clark

My Long Walk With Slav

The Long Walk is still by far the subject which draws interest to my site. The most visited page is this one at and though I was initially a bit surprised that this story still lives, nowadays I fully understand and to a certain degree, I have changed the way I look upon Slavomir Rawicz and his book The Long Walk. This change was even more clarified after coming across this great comic strip Dawn Of The Unread. No matter what it has inspired generations to leave the comfort of their homes and still do today, even if it just isn´t verified as being a 100% truth. 50% of the comments and emails about the Long Walk deals with this fact of inspiration and the other half, the questioning. Enjoy this comic strip, if you press the stars, it discusses the historical aspects of the walk.



Read the full comic strip here at and here´s an interview with the creator and a discussion about the Rawicz chapter.


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