Björn O. Henriksson

Possible TV-history?

The other day I received an email from Björn O., Henriksson, nowadays he is retired, but once upon a time an executive producer for the documentary section of Swedish TV. He wrote:

“I still have the equipment you used in Siberia to broadcast by satellite to Gokväll (an extremely successful sitcom in Sweden) and I wonder what to do with it. Do you want it or should I leave it for the museum? It is TV-history!”

We could have been the first in Sweden who broadcast from Siberia by satellite. I have no idea, but I do know we had a seriously big audience following our reports. But transmitting in -40 wasn´t easy, because it took an hour to transmit 3 minutes and if we lost the signal, we had to start all over again! Most of the time, Johan, did all the work, since he was, and still is, a tech geek. Read Johan´s report!

We managed to do 7 episodes and the most watched one is below with almost 46 000 views. All of them can be seen here!

TV-history in Sweden? Maybe. When the full documentary was shown the ratings where very high. That was back in 2006. The media landscape have changed dramatically since then and reaching those figures in the future is impossible.

*Read about the Kolyma Expedition in Explorers Journal Explorers_journal_winter_05_061

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