Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Expedition Frozen Frontier: The Trailer

“You know you are in extreme cold, when you spit and your saliva turns solid before it hits the ground.”

Finally the trailer for most likely one of the colder documentaries on the world stage right now is ready. Just press the image below and it will take you where you want to go. See The Frozen Frontier.


Read more about the Expedition here!


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  1. Dear Mr Strandberg,
    we saw your YouTube Film Travelling with the reindeer. An amazing experience we would like to share. We Arme glad to have travelled in cold conditions and were fascinated by visiting the Tsaatan in Mongolia. Now we tried to find a way to visit Sibiria and the nomads there. Do you have any contacts or adresses for planing a similar tour?
    We would be glad to geht an answer of possible.
    Trank you in Advanced.
    With best regards
    Sonja Schwaag & Jennifer Steinsiek

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