A short note from Hanoi

I have just landed in Hanoi and I am overwhelmed by the noise, amount of people, motorbikes, traffic and the Old Town…I have met my partner on this new project, Yaamimi and she seems like an extra ordinary person in many ways. Especially her joy and kindness. We have just a few days to do a quick pilot and our men and women in Hanoi are helping us extremely well.

View from restaurant in the center of town.
View from restaurant in the center of town.

It was just as I had imagined. One side kind of old STalinist with Lenin statues and the hammer and the sickle display all over and the name of Ho Shih Min seen everywhere. People are among the kindest and so far I haven´t met any comments or resistence to my cameras.



Food is as good as I have heard. I just feel incredibly good being here, more to come soon!

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