Explorer Mikael Strandberg

A Lebanese Diary, Part 1

24th of November


You know the destination is a bit of a worry, when the plane is leaving in 25 min and the gatenumber just appeared…

I am on way to one of the most interesting places on earth, which i personally believe sits on a lot of knowledge as regards to the state of the world right now. There´s a lot of deeper issues that can be understood by visiting this country.

At the same time I am visiting a good friend of mine that i got to know in Yemen once upon a time.This friend was of great help to me, when it came to getting in.

I am really, really looking forward to this journey!


25th of November

“I just remember when it all began” , she started: “I was in hospital, feeling a bit ill and my friends had taken me there, suddenly my phone rang and it was my mum who said in shock that we were at war with the Saudis.”

She paused for a bit, still in shock of the memory of the day her life changed completely. For the worse.

“When we came out of the hospital, we saw attacking planes dropping bombs over our lovely city and lots of noise, we got into the car and drove for going home and bombs, fire and noise everywhere. We were in shock! We had no idea this would happen. Nobody had told us it even could happen.”

That is how the effects of the start of a war hits normal people who are not combattants. Those who are not involved in the politics of war and aggression.

Boushra. and her mum were forced to leave Yemen 6 months lateer. They belonged to the family of an important northern clan who have had a very good life on most levels. Suddenly they had lost everything. At this moment they only survived on the good help of others, like from my great friend A, who helped everyone. Me included.

First day in Beirut. Incredibly overwhelming and emotional. The story is told in a fancy restaurant in a fancy huge galeria in the center. A very odd feeling.



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